Friday, 23 October 2015


Hey, remember when I said month wisdom! Aren't I funny.
Here's some catching up with me (brace yourself).
  • I suck at any kind of timed thing, challenge or even something as leisurely as a blog post, so I'm going to schedule the next three months of the monthly wisdom to release over the next three weeks.
  • I also have been watching lots of movies, playing lots of games, so I'll be talking about all the hype, all the cool things, and maybe even with it being relevant, a little about Bond. (or not, by the time I get round to it, it won't be relevant anymore)
  • I'm doing game development, since it's a major hobby of mine, hopefully a future career.
So there's something to dread if you didn't know it already.

The game I'm currently making (there are two, but one's more of an assist job) is called Mono. This is a project that is currently being forged from the blood of the ancient Greek gods (whom I personally slayed) and is due to release about quarter-past never.

For the moment, there is no downloadable version.

So yeah. Have fun with that.

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