Friday, 12 June 2015

Monthly Dose of Pretentious Wisdom: #1

Picture Pet Peeves (yay, alliteration)

Checklist for an tolerable photo/video:
  - Is it vertical video? If so, delete.
  - Is it a Vine? If so, delete.
  - Is it supposed to be making people tilt their heads or turn off auto-rotate? If so, delete or rotate to normal.
  - Is it a selfie? If so.. is it stupid? If so, delete.
  - Is it pretentious? If so, post it to Imgur. Because who gives a shit about Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram. (Shh...)
  - If it does not meet those requirements, read the above again.

P.S. I originally said this was weekly. Ha. I'm so funny.

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