Saturday, 7 February 2015

Portal 2: PTI Misadventures Introduction

I've been kind of stumped for ideas to post here, which is kind of bad, since blogs needs ideas. I guess I must have really wanted this name before anyone else. So, with some help from some people (who definitely aren't/isn't just my sister), I decided to start with something I love. Portal 2. Although I prefer Portal to Portal 2, Portal 2 has a nice editor, and while I personally am no stranger to the Source SDK, alienation on post no. #2 isn't something I particularly desire to achieve. So indeed, I've decided to start a little 'PTI Misadventures' series, where I misadventure into the... PTI. Kind of self explanatory I guess.

(Did I tell you how the first instalation of this was ready and then I deleted it by accident? Now you know.)

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